In today’s digital age, engineering life cycles, business models, distribution channels and services have dramatically changed.

“Innovation is driven by Open Source Software,” wrote Christof Ebert, Managing Director of Vector Consulting Services for The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE) Computer Society Magazine. “Today, we rarely see traditional software development, where one company designs and builds an application, or product from scratch and then integrates and evolves it within a defined market. That’s no longer a healthy business case. Companies are moving to the applications and service level, increasingly relying on reused, externally available components.”

Industrial companies — realizing global competition is fierce and Open Source Software (OSS) is the emerging business model — are increasingly becoming advocates of open source technology and innovation. It’s why over 40 businesses, including such reputable firms as Johnson Controls and Caterpillar, are members of Open Invention Network.

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Flex is proud to join OIN and help further the goals of the open source community. In our position spanning many industries, we are sensitive to the negative impact that the aggressive assertion of patents can have on innovation, and how excessive lawsuits can significantly dampen opportunities for collaboration, especially within the open source community. We are pleased to be an active participant in the effort to protect Linux and related open source technologies from the risk of patent litigation.  
John RitsickVP of Legal and Chief Intellectual Property OfficerFlex