Open Source is revolutionizing the way people shop throughout the world, impacting virtually every industry, and adoption is growing exponentially.

The global market is expected to reach nearly $33 billion dollars by 2022, reports a research study on “Open Source Services Market by Service Type, Industry and Region” which includes retail.

E-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers are steadily joining the open source movement with many enterprise firms leading the way. Amazon is analyzing Machine Learning (ML) models, which enable retailers to automatically generate personalized recommendations based on individual shoppers’ purchases and browsing history. Amazon’s “One-Click” and Magento’s “Instant Purchase” checkouts improve consumers’ online experiences. Nike created an Open Source data repository to help developers understand the potential troubles online customers may experience. Nordstrom is working on Hello, Retail!, an open source initiative which streamlines the process for merchants to add online inventory.

Both on- and off-line retailers — including GoPro, Costco, Meituan-Dianping, Etsy and others — are joining our mission to enable freedom of action for our members and users of Linux/Open Source Software (OSS)-based technology through our patent non-aggression cross-license in the “Linux System.”

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The Mercari Group’s systems are supported by a variety of open source software. As a beneficiary of the enormous contributions made by the open source software community, we believe making a contribution to innovation in the world by publishing technology accumulated through the development and operation of our services, such as Mercari and Merpay, as open source is the right choice. Hence, the Mercari Group endorses the activities of OIN which protects innovations with open source from patent risks.